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Everyone can sail our tenderboats, they neither need certificate or license to sail. Book time here and find out when we have free time for your boat trip - very simple!

Season closed - we are not open anymore this season

Where can you sail?

Sail out from Vejle Marina

Vejle Marina lays in the bottom of one of the country’s most beautiful inlets. The marina is a newly built, very modern marina. The marina lays in the east of Vejle between Kirk Kapitals headquarter “Fjordenhus” which is designed by Studio Olafur Eliasson. The Kirk familiy was the founders of the LEGO brick.

You will also find “Bølgen” which is an iconic and world-class architecture building in Vejle, which is inspired by Jørn Utzons opera house in Sydney and the hilly landscape around Vejle Fjord.

Experience Vejle Fjord

The Landscape around the inlet is characterised by the inlets' deep encroachment in the landmass, the wooded hillsides and the calm water. The coastal forests give the landscape a special quality through the direct clash between forest and sea.


The inlet is 10-15 metres deep, except the last 5 kilometres towards Vejle. At the last piece of the inlet the seabed is completely plain and there is established a waterway for the big cargo ships.  

Sailing guide and map

Exclusive tender boats

Our brand new tenderboats are designed with a picnic table in the middle, who invites you to enjoy your food in nature. You are allowed to bring your food and beverages on board. The boats can be sailed by everyone and neither needs a certificate or license to sail. The boats are equipped with a hood, so that you can sit nice and dry. 

How does it work?

Step 1 - Book online

You can book time for your next boat trip via our online booking portal and you can pay with your card or Mobilepay. If your card cannot be used, please call us at (+45) 30142055

Step 2 - Our instructor will meet you

When you have paid you will receive an automatic email with more information about your boat trip. Our instructor will meet you at the boat 10 minuts before your boat trip starts and hand out the key for the boat. 

Step 3 - Instructional video

Please watch the instructional video that you receive on our email and SMS with the information about how to sail the boat nice and safely. 

Step 4 - Start your boat trip

You’re almost ready to start your boat trip. We fuelled the boat before your trip, so now you just have to fuel the boat up when you’re done sailing. We wish you a good boat trip.

Our prices

Important information - The boats are delivered fully refueled and must be delivered with a full tank. It is not possible to book time for your boat trip at the marina, so you have to book time via our online booking system and make your payment online with card or mobilepay.

If you do not have the opportunity to pay and book for your boat trip online, and instead want to pay in cash, then please contact us so we can make a manual booking for you. It will be possible to pay in cash to the instructor, we accept both danish krones and euro.

(You must bring the exact amount, as we do not have the opportunity to give you change.)

2 hours 800 dkk

(Cash payment 110 EUR)

4 hours 1200 dkk

(Cash payment 165 EUR)

All day 2500 dkk

(Cash payment 340 EUR)

Maximum 5 people in the boats.

Intro discount - Save 20% on your first boat trip

If you are a brand new customer and have not yet tried our tender boats, you can now save 20% on your first sailing. Book online and use the discount code "introrabat21", and we will automatically register your discount before payment.

2 hours 640 dkk

(Cash payment 90 EUR)

4 hours 960 dkk

(Cash payment 135 EUR)

All day 2000 dkk

(Cash payment 275 EUR)

Weather guarantee - only safe sailing

Have you booked time for sailing, but are you insecure if the weather allows a safe boat trip, then fear not. If the weather doesn’t allow a safe boat trip on the planned date, we will change the trip and plan a new date that matches you.

Our weather guarantee doesn’t include an economic refund. Our weather guarantee is only an offer for a cost-free rerouting.

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